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Floral Room Decoration


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Een praktisch vakboek voor iedereen die met plantaardige materialen een ruimte wil aankleden,  zowel  binnen- als buitenruimte. Met oog voor de ruimte zelf, de stijl en de architectuur en de opzet van de creatie. (Dit boek verscheen ook in het Duits. Raume Floral in Szene setzen.):

The book wants to give the reader an extensive overview how to create a room decoration with floristic materials. Thereto belongs to analyse first of all as extensive as possible the mission and the affiliated rooms regarding the theme respectively the occasion, the creative demands and the technical requirements. This is the base for the interior designer to present a concept with involvement of the basic conditions like time and costs. This can than accordingly be realised.

 The authors convey the necessary knowledge about style and tradition, about impression of colours and texture, about proportion, about materials, the knowledge of creative criteria and the managing of technical floristic skills with the help of many practical and comprehensible examples. A study text for all who want to decorate a room with flowers and plants ? equal if inside or outside: trainees and master students but also experienced professionals and interested career changers. Architects, interior designers and room designers will find as well suggestions for their work. The reader profits by the profound experience of the authors who introduce many helpful tips and proposals of their daily work to this practical oriented textbook.

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Johanne de Carnée- Denise Karsten- Torsten Meiner- Jurgen Potthoff






Floral Design Edition


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Giving Rooms a floral Setting




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