Systematic Designing with the Colours of Blossoms



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Wie bloesems in detail bekijkt, ontdekt naast de hoofdkleuren een indrukwekkend pallet aan kleurschakeringen. In dit boek 45 bloesemarrangementen gebasseerd op een nauwkeurige definitie van de bloesemkleuren. Aangevuld met een duidelijke omschrijving:   

“Colour is one of the most expressive visual design elements – not only for florists. While other design disciplines must absorb the colour impressions of nature in order to transfer them to their materials, florists and flower designers may work directly with the infinite diversity of what nature has to offer.

If one looks closely, blossoms – even those that we think at first consist only of one or two colours, in fact usually contain many detail colours in addition to the main colours. Suddenly colour gradations, clouded or dulled colours or lightened colours appear, and there are colour contrasts or nuances that one would hardly have suspected. There will always be a stem – usually with leaves – in the most diverse shades of green. Pistil and stamen will be seen to have surprisingly different colours than the petals. Thus, a single flower often presents an entire colour pallet with which it is worth designing, or which can be easily used as a starting point for the addition of more colour.
Nature as design aid. This is exactly what the authors want to draw attention to, by encouraging the reader to look closely, to discover details, to decipher colours and to repeat them in a first step, and then, in a second step, to take systematic influence on the design.

Gabriele Kubo has produced 45 arrangements based on the careful definition of the colours of individual blossoms. All the arrangements are described in a way so as to make the designs easily replicable, and in such a manner as to bring out the exciting underlying design principles of designing with the colours of blossoms.

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Gabriele Kubo – Jürgen Potthoff


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